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Calling all working mums!!! Up until now our blog posts have concentrated on our beautiful jewellery – and rightly so! But for this one I wanted to address a problem that faces a lot of women at this time of year – working mums and how to survive the school holidays! A difficult situation for most, so what can you do to help make things easier for you and your family?!

I’ve put together a little guide which might help all you working mums out there! Some points sound obvious but we’re all guilty of just trying to muddle through, when there are some simple steps we could follow to make sure peace and harmony (and a business!!) is restored!!! You might also want to check out the lovely Claire Mitchell who has lots more fab advice over at – SOS – Business Mum’s Survival Guide For The School Holidays

Be organised – as a working mum its important to set yourself tasks for the day and give yourself a specific amount of time to complete them. Then you won’t end up feeling so guilty!

Involve the children – can the kids help with preparing or packing? Could you dictate an email so they feel like they’re contributing? It might take longer but you can have fun whilst you’re doing it! And your children will get to learn about Mummy’s business and what being a working mum entails when they’re at school!

Invite their friends over – a welcome distraction! And you get to help out another working mum who will most certainly return the favour at some point, leaving you child free for a few hours!!

We LOVE Grandma – whether they are round the corner or miles away grandparents can be saviours when it comes to getting the job done in the holidays! If there’s distance between you then consider asking for a few days of childcare so you can really crack on!! If not, a few hours here and there will really help to ease the pressure. They are their grandparents after all, right?!! And your mum was probably a working mum once too!!

Reduce your hours – if you’re a working mum that runs your own business like I do, it’s easier to fit your job in around the children, as the hours are more flexible. But if you have an employed role it goes without saying it’s more complicated! I try to schedule at least one day a week where it’s just me & the children – we head out for the day & I keep work to a bare minimum.

Lastly….RELAX – no child ever had permanent damage from staying in their PJ’s playing on their PS4 all day!! The more chilled you are about everything, the more they won’t mind mummy having to work.

I hope that’s helped in some way to steer you through the minefield that is the holidays and being a working mum! Enjoy making memories with your little ones – time passes by too quickly…blink and we’ll have missed it!! Hope you like the pic of me and my monkeys outside the Imperial War Museum in London….we had the best time!!

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